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we build relationships at addictit.

We're proud to say that an overwhelming majority of Addictit clients have been visiting us regularly for 3+ years—and do not take that for granted. We strive to provide a comfortable space, where you’re really able to let your hair down and relax. One of the best compliments you can give us is when you actually fall asleep during your service. We know you lead a busy life, so here at Addictit you can look forward to leaving your appointments feeling refreshed, beautiful and have one less step to worry about when you’re getting ready to slay your day!

Addictit Atlanta Eye Lash Extensions
Addictit Atlanta Eye Lash Extensions
Addictit Atlanta Eye Lash Extensions

meet dejsa junious

I’ve been addicted to lash extensions since I was in high school. In 2013, I was inspired by my own lash artist to begin lashing and my love for making women feel beautiful deepened from there. I started Addictit in 2014 and quickly grew a loyal, happy client base. Since then, I’ve been in the zone and completely dedicated to the Addictit lifestyle. 

When I’m not lashing, you can probably find me somewhere near a pool or beach with a margarita in hand, my lashes on point, and my loved ones around me!